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Kaitlin Le

Email: kaitlin.tattoo@gmail.com

IG: @kaitlin_tattoos

After spending several years studying art and design in a variety of media, Kaitlin dedicated her efforts in 2010 to pursuing a career in tattooing. Always being drawn to the unique self-expression of tattoos, she immediately fell in love with the craft and the privilege to create meaningful art for people. 

"The reasons that people get tattooed varies. Sometimes it is purely for adornment and beautification, sometimes it is for remembrance. No matter the motive, I love seeing the vision come to life."

Kaitlin enjoys tattooing in a variety of styles including illustrative, ornamental and abstract. 

kaitlin will be accepting new appointments for racine starting in February! Please fill out the form below to contact her directly about your tattoo: 

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