Hey, everyone! I am now booking for March-September 2019.

I love my job and I strive to make all of my clients happy. In order to do that I'd like to work on projects that I can put my heart into!

Subject matter I will be accepting:

Animal portraits

People portraits



Black and gray realism



Crystals, mushrooms, succulents


*Any floral work will be done with other subject matter (flowers with skulls, lockets, etc.) 

things i will be shifting my focus away from:

Certain types of watercolor 

Full floral 


I have done these subjects/themes a lot over the last few years and they have become very repetitive. I want to remain inspired by the work that I do!


I will not be adding onto any existing work not done by me. 

Cover-ups will still be taken on a very selective basis.


All appointments require a non-refundable $150 cash deposit. No appointments will be made without a deposit. 

As always, please give me a few days to respond to your email.


**Please thoroughly read the above sections before contacting me**

Please email privatestockmolly@gmail.com. I will not respond to DMs on social media. 

***Please copy/paste this in your email with your info***

Detailed description of tattoo:

Approximate size of tattoo in inches:

Location of tattoo:

Best days/times to come in for a consultation:

Phone number:

Please include any photo references

Thank you for your continued support!


Molly Lynn 2019