Hey, everyone! I am currently booking November and december 2019.

I have decided to focus on certain subject matter and styles that are my strengths. Doing so will allow me to work more efficiently and continue to improve upon my craft, artistry and most importantly, giving you the best quality tattoo possible.

I will be consulting and booking quarterly. I will announce when the calendar is full and when I will start accepting new consultations/appointments for the next quarter. Announcements will be made via my Instagram and Private Stock Tattoo’s Facebook.

Subjects/styles I will be focusing on:

Black and grey

Portraits (famous faces, family members, pets, animals)

Large-scale: faces, animals, dark art, skulls

Roses and other flowers (no bouquets)

American Traditional/Neo-traditional combined with Realism

Abstract Elements and bright colors

Bold lines combined with black and grey Realism

Tattoos with a 3D effect

things i will be shifting my focus away from:

Lettering or dates, with the exception of adding them to a portrait

Tiny detailed images that fade away over time

Fantasy (dragons, wizards, fairies, phoenix)


Compasses/pocket watches

Silhouette trees/dark forests


Cover-ups will accepted on a selective basis. They style I prefer to work in can be difficult to accomplish a proper cover up most times. If I am not able to take on the project, I can possibly refer you to an artist who could.


All appointments require a non-refundable $150 cash deposit which goes towards the cost of your tattoo. No appointments will be made without a deposit. 

All sessions for the tattoo will be scheduled at one time so that your project receives priority to be completed. I understand that life happens and sometimes we need to reschedule. I leave enough time in my schedule for these circumstances so that we can still complete your project in a timely manner.

long-distance customers:

Special arrangements can be made for out of state or other long-distance consultations and deposits.


**Please thoroughly read the above sections before contacting me.**

Please email privatestocksean@gmail.com. I will not respond to DMs on social media. 

***Please copy/paste this in your email with your info***

Detailed description of tattoo:

Approximate size of tattoo in inches:

Location of tattoo:

Best days/times to come in for a consultation:

Phone number:

Please include any photo references

I tattoo on a full-time basis and answer my own emails, so please allow me 7-10 days to respond to your request.

Thank you for your continued support!